July 3, 2012

the write things: my pens

Over the years I have tried many different writing instruments. From the simplest ballpoint pens, to good, old-fashioned number-two pencils, to fancy fountain pens: I think I have truly tried them all, or as many as I could get my hands on! And they all have their important place in the world of writing. I find that my preference of writing instruments shifts over time. Sometimes that is because I come across something new and better, or because I find that I myself am changing - holding my pen differently, or sitting differently as I write. All these little things do make a difference.
But I am pretty delighted with my current pen-friends. I have been using these two options for at least the last six months, since I found my journal-match. Remember, it is not just about the pen itself, but the way it connects with your paper! When I have gone through periods of using cheap spiral notebooks, sometimes a ballpoint has been my best pen-friend. All that matters is that it feels right to you!

My main, go-to pen right now is the "Uni-Ball Vision Needle" rollerball pen. I use black pens exclusively (just a preference) and I prefer the "Micro" version, even though this photo is of the "Fine"! I have found both the "Fine" and "Micro" versions of this pen to suit my writing well. I usually just pick up whichever is available when I am shopping. (Learn more about these pens here!)

When I need an extra pick-me-up, or feel like a splurge, I use black "Le Pens" by Marvy Uchida. They are actually pretty cost-comparable with the Uni-Ball pens to begin with, but I tend to press harder than I probably need to as I write, so I go through them faster. They are a felt-tipped pen, and they fill my journal SO beautifully! Such a satisfying pen-to-paper aesthetic. (And I do realize how far into nerd-land I have crossed here, but what can I say?! I am passionate about pens!) I have other colors of Le Pens as well, for crafts and other fun projects, but again, I use the black pens exclusively for my writing. They can be a little harder to find than the Uni-Ball pens, but I know that most Papyrus card stores and many craft and stationery stores seem to carry them. (Find available colors and stores that carry Le Pens here!)

Pens are little things that make a BIG difference as I write. Is this true for you, too? Which favorites have you found for yourself? I am always excited to try a new option... let me know!


  1. I'm deep into nerd land with you when it comes to pens! They make a huge difference for me. For years I exclusively used fountain pens for my morning pages, free writing, and journaling, but the last few months I've been using my Lamy ballpoint pens. I have a silver Lamy Logo (http://www.lamy.com/eng/b2c/logo/205_black) and a yellow Lamy Safari with a black clip (http://www.lamy.com/eng/b2c/safari/218). Both currently have blue ink, but I tend to go through phases where I use blue or black ink. I've tried red and green ink as well, but they don't satisfy me, at least not when it comes to my own handwriting. Perhaps there's not enough contrast on the page? BIC Cristal ballpoints make me happy, too. Medium points all around. I love the idea of writing with a good old no. 2 pencil, but I usually only use them for note taking because there's too much scratchy resistance for free writing and such (for me anyway). Hmmm...maybe I've been using ballpoints lately rather than fountain pens because I have a need to feel my hand exert a bit more effort than what my fountain pens provide? You've got me thinking deep nerd thoughts, Cayt!

  2. Chris!! I love that we have found ANOTHER way to be nerd-pals! ;) Thank you for sharing your own pen-experience! I have already looked up the links you posted and will definitely have to try them out in person soon. (For those of you in the Chicago area, Oakbrook Center Mall has an amazing shop called 'Paradise Pens,' with the most impressive selection of writing instruments. They are SO knowledgable and helpful when choosing something special!) I do have a Lamy fountain pen that I love, so what a good reminder to try their other options.

    Thanks for reading and posting your thoughts! :)