July 4, 2012

happy fourth!!

Happy Fourth of July!!!

I am still rather new to the 'art of domesticity' and feeling my way through things like holiday festivity in our home. Do you go all-out decorating for holidays? We have not really ventured past Christmas decor yet, but I think any bits of festivity are so much fun to add to your holiday celebrations!! I will have to do better next year. Since I do not have much in the way of 'official' Fourth of July decor this year, I thought it would be fun to challenge myself to 'find the Fourth' in the things that surround us all the time! It is a goal of mine this year to practice more photography and boost my visual creativity along with my written creativity. So here are some bits of 'red, white and blue' (and some 'firework' moments, too!) from my daily life. Hope you have a happy Fourth!!! 

(Even our puppy matches!! Is he not the absolute cutest?!? He really does love this chair, too, so maybe the Fourth of July is his favorite holiday??)

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