October 19, 2012

inspired: boot & shoe

I recently had the pleasure of attending a book signing with author/illustrator Marla Frazee. Marla's latest release is a picture book called Boot & Shoe, and since I first read this lovely book, I have not been able to get Boot and Shoe out of my head! It is the story of two dogs from the same litter, who are in many ways alike but also in many ways different. One day, their world gets all mixed up, and therein lies the charm of this wonderful story!

I love Boot and Shoe and their story for many reasons. 

  1. I love dogs, and these two are a couple of the cutest. (Can you tell the difference between them? Marla suggested, and I concur, that children are better than adults at looking at pictures.)
  2. I love picture books of all types, but especially when the illustrations are as charming and timeless as these! I can not wait to share them with our own children someday!
  3. I am totally intrigued by the simultaneous similarity and opposition of the two characters, and the way these juxtaposed qualities ebb and flow in their world.
  4. The language, for its simple, lovely cadence which so supports the rhythm of the story.
One of my very favorite lines from the book is: "This is exactly perfect for both of them." When you read the book, you will understand why this line is so special! It reminds me of my beloved Myers-Briggs personality type indicator test and how each of our wiring can differ so much and yet be "exactly perfect" for who we are.
Marla Frazee is an amazing author and illustrator, and I have come to adore every last bit of her work. You can learn more about her books here, including Caldecott Honor Award winners All the World and A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever. I am so happy I had the chance to meet her and get my book signed! 

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