October 2, 2012

feeling fall

I hope very much that your October is off to a great start! I know it is October 2nd and that it has officially been "Fall" for almost two weeks. But for some reason, today is the first day when I have really felt like Fall is in full-swing. Our schedule has been busier than usual, and perhaps today is the first chance I have had to really absorb what is taking place in nature surrounding me. Today the leaves are dancing up and down streets in a rich spectrum of gold and red and green. They illustrate the movement of the wind as it whips forward and then back again, causing them to swirl in unison, dancing fancy pirouettes.
One of my favorite Fall traditions is our annual trip to Kuiper's Family Farm, a nearby apple orchard and pumpkin farm. I think we love the orchard shop as much as the rows of apple trees themselves- so many delicious treats await, including their famous apple cider doughnuts. (YUM. Definitely go try them, if you ever get the chance.)
As I grow older, I am less and less fond of the shorter days of sunlight and bitter cold which Winter brings. Accordingly, I have sort of held the Fall accountable, lumping it together with its colder sibling-season next in line. But this year I have tried to practice more appreciation and gratitude for each season in its own right. And there are many, many reasons I am grateful for Fall in the Midwest. Curling up in cozy sweaters as I tug my cuffs down over my knuckles and wrap myself more tightly; spending more hours with my fingers woven into soft, lovely yarn as my knitting projects occupy more and more of my time; wrapping my hands round a hot mug of tea. The warmth of sunlight contrasted with the crisp chill of the wind that seems to grow fiercer with each passing day, gearing up for Winter cold. Layering sweaters and jackets, scarves and socks and boots to stand tall and strong and steady against these winds. And the settling in that happens, as we tuck ourselves inside, turning our awareness to our little home and the lovely comforts which surround us there. These are just a few things I love about Fall.
More than ever, I have the strong sense that it is time for me to get down to business, and especially creatively. Ryan is away for a couple of weeks on tour, and that leaves me time to focus even more attention on my creative dreams and ambitions. I am going to soak up the sun and chill and swirling leaves and let them settle deep within, and see how they will wring out of me as I write in these next couple of weeks. I am happy to have you along for the journey. (Thank you!)

Are you feeling Fall in full swing yet? What does Fall signify for you?

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