September 7, 2012

the write things: tech cases

I love to surround myself with all things "books," and I am obsessed with this line of tech cases/decals featuring beautiful books! This decal by Cassia Beck through adorns the back of my precious MacBook Pro (can you see the faint outline of the Apple logo??). Ryan purchased these two precious tech-cases for me from my wishlist last Christmas, and my love for them has not waned even a bit in the time since.
When the laptop is open, it looks like a row of books sitting on the desk or table. I love the juxtaposition of literary history and tactile books with the technology that also steals my heart. The patterns on the book covers are so lovely. I also kind of want to read all these books now that I have memorized their pretty spines!
I also have this matching iPhone case, which makes me feel like I can keep a bookshelf in my pocket (or my purse) at all times!! 
How do you incorporate your passion for books in your everyday life? Have you come across any fabulous reader-finds that must be shared?? Would love to see!!

(You can browse these and many other lovely tech accessory designs on society6's site right here!)

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