August 14, 2012

sentence prompt: a ticking clock

For awhile now, I have been on a lazy search for a vintage clock. I have admired the expensive new vintage-inspired designs I have seen on Pinterest, and added "vintage clock" to the ever-growing mental list of items-I-would-love-to-own. I have not searched far and wide, I have not done research, I have not worked hard to pinpoint the exact specifications of my dream-clock. I just hoped that at some point, it might appear.
A couple of weekends ago, I visited the Kane County Flea Market with my friends Mary Claire and Ryan, and came across a booth selling several vintage alarm clocks. Inexpensive and quite lovely, none of them were ticking, of course. I asked the booth's seller whether or not they were in working condition. He said he was selling them for decorative use and hadn't tested them. (Probably not the best sign.) When I wound the one I liked the most to test it out, still, no ticking. I reasoned that perhaps it was not a clock that ticked loudly? I ran it by my friends, who suggested I could wind them, note the time, and return back to see if they kept proper time. But my laziness persisted.

We continued on in our flea-market adventure, and I was feeling lucky. I found a beautiful, brightly colored wool throw blanket, in great condition, a gorgeous mirrored pedestal with an ornately carved pattern in the base, and small tupperware containers, new, with coral lids. And I am very lucky to have such a wonderful friend as Mary Claire, who was patient when I was not, and searched the box of old newspaper stamps long and hard until she came across the perfect stamp for me: a box of Lipton tea from an old ad! When we passed a rather junky display table full of items that seemed to have been absolutely randomly compiled, I almost did not walk over. But then I spotted the clock of my dreams! I loved this vintage white and gold 'Baby Ben' Westclox alarm clock more than any of the others I had seen. I asked the booth's seller if he knew about its condition - he did not. But I was feeling lucky in my hunting streak and decided it was worth a shot. I bargained him down a few dollars and added my clock to my tote bag. 
I came home and tested the clock right away, and was absolutely delighted to find it is in great working condition! It keeps time better than the clock in my car, and the alarm works perfectly. It is a beautiful addition to my bathroom counter, where I had been missing the help of a clock for some time! The only catch is that it has to be wound, every two days or so, in order to keep on ticking. And the ticking is louder than a modern clock might be, but this is another thing I had wanted in my vintage clock - I don't mind a bit.
The other night, as I was falling asleep, and listening to my clock ticking away in the next room, the beginning of a sentence came to me, and I grabbed my pen and notepad to catch it before it slipped away. I have caught so many ideas this way, and it is something I have really committed to now, writing every thought like this down, even if I have no clue where the sentence will lead. 

Have you ever tried sentence prompts before? I know many books on writing and creativity include a variety of prompt ideas. Since writing prompts have been such an amazing tool for me in my own practice, I thought it might be fun to invite you to join me in finishing my own sentence prompt! Whether you consider yourself to be a writer, or a creator of some other type of art, I would love to hear how you complete, or expand upon, this beginning thought. Where do these nine words lead your brain...? Try not to let yourself over think: a prompt is best in allowing your words to find a way to flow more freely. Shut off your inner censor and just start typing... Four words or four hundred, or even a rearrangement of the original words: it is up to you! If you are willing to share, I would love to hear where the sentence leads you!

Here is the sentence... I hope you will feel brave and use this prompt, and share your response in the comments section below! (You can see my completed sentence in the comments as well!) 

"There is something in the ticking of a clock..."


  1. There is something in the ticking of a clock that seems to keep the lid on everything. A clock is in control, steady and certain when I am not, sure of itself and in need of no approval. A clock knows just where to go as it ticks and ticks and ticks away; it knows better than I do, it seems, leading the way as it measures my life one tick at a time.

  2. Very interesting post, thanks for sharing.

  3. Great idea! Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll be updating the post text and be sure to include it up there, thanks.

  4. I really like brilliant lovely clock blog!!
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  5. Love your blog and that's a beautiful antique clock!