August 8, 2012

patterns and changes

It is an incredible gift to step back and observe your own changes - the way your priorities and perspectives have shifted, or how you have come to see something in a totally new light. Sometimes it comes about through deliberate efforts: you have worked hard to affect a change, and it is a proud moment when you reach your goal. But sometimes changes within are so subtle, so deep-seated and quiet, that they kind of wash over you, to your own surprise as much as anyone else's. 
Throughout our vacation, I noticed some of these subtle changes within myself. From the start, I was so much more aware of the details in my surroundings. I realized I was experiencing the trip with my eyes open wider than before. In our familiar traditions, I found new meaning and inspiration. In our familiar surroundings, I saw more beauty. So I wanted to share a few examples of this inspiration from our time away!

I noticed so much unexpected color and pattern and texture! And I noticed patterns within myself, too, keeping loose track of what caught my attention and inspired me visually. I am so likely to focus on experiences, which are still my number-one priority. But I am delighted to discover, more and more, this other layer of my creative awareness. 
I truly believe that my writing benefits, too, from the process of collecting these textures and patterns and tangible bits that can further illustrate my experiences. At least I hope so!

I love that Disney as a company considers so completely their aesthetics from top to bottom. Even the coasters in the hotel room offer that sense of timeless magic and charming stories waiting just around the corner. 

Important fact: This photo below is a peek at the pretty floor of the ice cream parlor where I enjoyed the most delicious mint chocolate chip ice cream cone I have ever tasted...!
Where have you found unexpected inspiration lately? Have you experienced moments of being surprised by your own growth and awareness??


  1. Beautiful photos Cayt! I love the idea of being aware of what we notice and how it connects to our thoughts! You must have been thinking about sleeping at last with the 'sal's window shot'! ;)

  2. Thank you, Therese!! So sweet. :) And I actually did NOT think of the 'sal' window connection until you mentioned it!! I was taken with the graphic and figured I might even edit the name out, but then in the end decided I liked them together. See? Even more connections than we realize... ;)