August 10, 2012

artist date: cantigny

Today has not been a day for answers.

The sun is shining brightly, disappearing occasionally behind big, dramatic clouds, which move South through the sky at a faster rate than usual. The same breezes that work to move the clouds have set the temperature nice and low, and I cannot get enough of them.
I decided to spend my artist date today at Cantigny, a public park and historical site in our area, and the perfect place to spend such a lovely day. For several years now, it has been one of my favorite places to sit and write or read or think, and for some reason I have not gone often lately. 
It was so nice to be back in this familiar, gorgeous place. I have never seen the rosebushes grown so tall or the trees bloomed so full, and the breeze blew scents of flowers and herbs and grasses across my path every which way I traveled. I indulged in as many deep breaths as I could remember to take.
But as I walked the winding paths and let my mind wander along with my feet, all that came were questions. Not "important" questions, like "Where is my life going?" or "Am I who I want to be?" (Although these are things I do consider often, and possibly more often than is healthy.) Today's questions floated gently along on the breeze and landed lightly atop my head: random, trivial questions, with unnecessary answers. Question after question - they just kept coming.

Who carved a cat's face into the arm of this bench? Why did they stop before adding his ears?
Why have the wooden slats that form the seat of the bench weathered so differently over time?
Who decided this rose should be named for one of my favorite musicals?
Who is getting married here today?? 
Does this little bee know how closely I am watching him as he zips around from flower to flower?
And what about this pretty moth? 
No answers came today, to these or any other questions. I am certain that if I really searched, I could answer these questions, but that is not the point. 

There are so, so many other questions I would love to have answered, though. So is the answer in the questions? Or am I just meant to wait a little longer for answers to come...? 

Maybe some days are simply meant for questions.


  1. Cayt, last week Chris and I were having tea at Serene's Tea and she mentioned that you had a blog. I'm so glad she told me. I enjoyed reading Lumiere Pure and love-love-love your photography. As autumn approaches (my favorite season), I look forward to "seeing" and reading about your travels through the area.

  2. Hi Kay!! Thank you SO much for the kind words and for reading - I, too, look forward to what autumn might bring in the way of inspiration and hope I will do a new season justice. :) Do you have any tips on places I might visit for my 'artist date' adventures? Always great to try someplace new! xo (ps- I love seeing your Pinterest 'travels'! Nice to keep up this way!!)