July 20, 2012

inspired: eskell

Sometimes I forget how boundless creative inspiration can be. I limit myself to seeking inspiration in books and writing, or even other conventional forms of 'entertainment,' like film and music. But I recently wandered into the shop Eskell in Wicker Park, and was reminded that creativity and inspiration take all forms! 
I first heard of Eskell, which is both a shop and designer clothing line, several years ago. I read about the designers, Kelly Whitesell and Elizabeth Del Castillo, in a magazine article and was immediately charmed by their story and style. I have visited their Chicago shop a few times over the years, and have always found the shop absolutely delightful. There is passion in all their details: from their lovely, curated lines of both designer and vintage clothing to their pitch-perfect accessories. Even their business cards and jewelry boxes are the definition of loveliness.
On this trip, I purchased these pretty vintage-inspired sunglasses, which were only twenty-five dollars! They will be a perfect accessory for my summer wardrobe and beyond, and I completely adore them. 
And this 'Sonia' necklace below is my new very favorite possession, I think. It is a little longer than my other delicate necklaces, and I want to wear it with everything!!! As I was checking out, their really sweet sales associate, Gina, told me that this line of jewelry is custom-made for Eskell, which makes me love it even more!
The shop carries some other really amazing designers as well. These Zodiac Constellation bracelets by Julie Nolan are so beautiful, yes?
There were so many lovely pieces, so many textures and colors and shapes: my creative brain began humming productively from the moment I entered the store. Visual inspiration, I believe, feeds my creativity just as much, and even more sometimes, than other forms. It is why I gain so much from spending a few minutes on Pinterest (or a lot of minutes, if I'm being honest), or reading fashion and lifestyle blogs and magazines. Sometimes visual inspiration - this gift of creative connection that does not necessarily have to be specifically described or articulated or defended - can really open my mind back up and help me relax into the joys of creative passion. In my art, I live for that moment when you well up with joy at those connections. It is amazing when that feeling comes as I put pen to paper, but I know I will only benefit from experiencing those feelings in as many ways as possible.
I wonder now what inspiration I have missed along the way, with my nose in a book or my thought patterns and processes limited to words? I am vowing to myself to continue to let the flow of inspiration enter my brain in whatever order it is meant to come, and I can not wait to see what I will discover next! What has inspired you visually lately??


  1. I love those sunglasses, they are so pretty! You have a good point about being inspired by the little things around us- I should start looking.

    1. Chelsea - Thanks! Hope you find lots of inspiration around you in days to come!! Thanks for reading. :) xo