July 9, 2012

a few simple words

Sometimes a few simple words come along right when you need them... I opened my mailbox to find this lovely card from our mom, Kim! I love the message and I believe in it wholeheartedly. She filled the card with lovely words as well and encouragement for me in my writing! Isn't she the best?? :)

No matter how much you might know something, it really does always help to hear it again and again!! And it reminds me to pass it on - that sometimes maybe others around me need to hear it again, too.

I hope you will let these words soak into your heart today and see what they might mean to you! And perhaps you will have a chance to 'pass it on' as well...

(card image by Curly Girl Design, website here!)


  1. Cute card and the sentiments are so true. Scrapbooking truly speaks to my heart!

  2. Mel - Totally! Hope it reminds you to do what you love as often as you can! :)