July 17, 2012

a birthday message for my love (an attempt)

What words can even begin to describe the best friend and partner a girl could ever have? 

This girl has that partner, the one who is indescribable (yes, I am absolutely the luckiest!). Today is his birthday, and this is one of those moments when words fail me and fall oh-so-short of all that I want them to convey. We are in our twelfth year together, and the line of our love moves closer each year to the mark of half our lifetime. Half our lifetime - it is amazing to me! The moments we have shared have been so many we can't keep track, but then the magic lies in the way we both keep trying. And that is where the words fail. How do you sum up so much lifetime?

I will try anyway, but do not hold these words against me when they fail to do justice to this amazing one I love...
My love is kind-hearted and compassionate above anyone I know. He is thoughtful of others in all the ways that truly matter, with a bottom line of love and sincerity and earnestness and purest of intentions. He really does mean to give his best, always. If he learns a better "best," he will try to give that, too. 

He is brave-hearted, willing to risk more than anyone I have ever met or imagined in order to believe in those he loves (in order to believe in me). He is patient, he is willing to keep on giving and focus his sight on that one little spark of potential, no matter how deeply it is buried within. He does this with those he loves, and with his music and art.

He is a true artist. He breathes his gifts with an effortlessness that few artists ever attain - a place of surrender and yielding that I could never in a million years hope to match. He has found the honest place of abandon and openness, he reveals so much of himself and does not draw the lines we all like to hide behind. In his music, you can truly hear his soul. (That is why it is so lovely, I think!)

My love has taught me so many things: to laugh and to relax, to listen and to let go, to dream and to dare. He has taught me to believe in my creative passion and purpose. He has believed in me longer than I have believed in myself. He has been there with words and understanding in the moments when I have fought against my own self, my own potential and hope. He has labored to learn who I am at my core, so that he can better sort the good from the bad and nudge me gently toward the good. 

Cliche, yes, but there are no better words, nothing more true than these: He has been the best friend I could ever have. 
Thank you, Ryan O'Neal, for being my best friend ever and for all your love. Happy 29th birthday - I hope it will be your very best one yet!! xoxo


  1. this is so lovely! i'm getting tears in my eyes!! happy birthday ryan and blessings to both of you :)

  2. Thank you for posting this - truly. I have appreciated and enjoyed Ryan's music for a few years now (this does not give due justice to how I feel about, how it touches, inspires, and comforts my soul). It was wonderful to read that your husband appears to be the man that is represented by his beautiful art and music. It is, as you said, that his soul comes out in his music.

    I pray that you are both blessed, and that you have many more years to share together.

    Thank you, again. Tell Ryan thank you as well. God has used his music many times to set me in a place that I can more clearly see His face and hear His voice.


    1. I will pass your words on to Ryan, who I am sure will appreciate them as much or more than I even can! Thank you for sharing and for reading and for supporting his music!! xo

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    1. Mikkele! Awww thanks! Although we can never hold a candle to you and TJ, you two are pretty adorable and your mutual infatuation is infectious! :) xo

  4. Awww, I agree. This is one of the sweetest birthday messages for a sweetheart. So romantic!